Our teaching staff is committed to providing our students with an environment where they will learn, grow, and be safe. Our students will discover new things everyday, while we nurture their creativity, imagination, sense of community, and individuality.

Our Staff

Miss Leslie

Miss Leslie has been the Director of the school for over 30 years. She believes in the importance of early education and strives to provide our students with the very best experiences so they will keep their love of learning thoughout their educational journey.

Education: BA in Child Development

Miss Catalina

Miss Catalina has been teaching in our 2-1/2-year-old room for over 14 years. With her patient manner, she makes the little one's transition into our school as seamless as possble. This gives our new parents the comfort and reassurance they need.

Education:  BA in Child Development


Mr. Jack

Mr. Jack has been teaching in our 4-year-old room for 13 years. He also incorporates the teaching style of independent thinking. His sense of humor is what drives his classroom.

Education: BA in Child Development

Mr. Danny

Mr. Danny has been teaching in our 4-year-old room for 13 years. He encourages his students to be independent "thinkers." His interest in nature gives his classroom the ideal balance between the academics of Pre-K and play.


Miss Gail

Miss Gail is just starting her first year of teaching.  She has experience as a teachers aide and has a very impressive portfolio of ideas to implement in her classroom.  

Education:  AA in Child Development


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