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Our classrooms are unique to a specific age group.  The curriculum used in each of our classrooms have been developed by the teachers in creative ways to make learning fun and exciting.  The descriptions below explains what is incorporated in each lesson. 

Orange Room

The main emphasis in this classroom is socialization. For many children, this is their first experience with other children. The children are given the freedom to explore the endless possiblities of developing as an individual, as well as progressing as part of a group. For the academic part of this room, we focus on fine motor skills. The children are given tasks that utilize the movement of their fingers. Tracing, coloring, painting, and using scissors are a few examples the children are exposed to. In addition, the children are introduced to the alphabet, numbers, shapes, and colors. The majority of their academic lessons are taught through art.


Yellow Room

The second stepping stone in our program. The main focus in this room is independence. The children are now able to utilize the skills they have acquired in the Orange Room and use them in a more independent fashion. Teacher-directed activities are created with the intentions of building a sense of self-confidence within the child, so the child will feel that he/she can do things on their own. 

In this room, the children begin to write, are introduced to numbers and their values, and the upper case and lower case letters of the alphabet. Art is incorporated within the program with a specific theme lesson.

Red Room

The third stepping stone in our program. The main focus in this room is Kindergarten readiness. With the self-confidence they have developed, the children are now ready for a more structured, educational setting.  Unlike the other two classes, this class is structured like a traditional classroom setting. Teacher-directed academic lessons are designed for the first stages of phonics and math.  Science and art are incorporated into the program using a theme specific lesson.


The final step in our program. The main focus of this room is to instill the love of learning. As simple as this sounds, this is the best motivation a child can have to ensure educational success. Lessons are created with this philosophy in mind, while following the guidelines of the State of California for the Kindergarten programs.

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